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Fully qualified clinicians, specialised in facial aesthetics with JCCP registration.


With years of experience in complimenting natural beauty, our team designs custom treatment plans tailored to you.


Tailored treatment plans here, are based on a deep understanding of our clients

An in-depth analysis of your aesthetic preferences will be performed during a your consultation that we provide, in order to make sure you are happy and confident in the treatment you choose. If we find the treatment results are unlikely to work for you, we will give honest advice on alternatives and the procedure will not be pushed upon you.


Independent, one-to-one clinic, where you have our undivided attention

Here we operate a single client policy, in a tranquil, quiet environment, far away from busy roads and the high street buzz.

As opposed to the large, bustling atmosphere with a rushing conveyor-belt of people in and out the door in other clinics.



"So happy with my results, Ross is super knowledgeable and explained every step as it was my first time, so I felt really comfortable.

Lips look so great..."

Beth L.

"Highly recommend KSClinical very professional, knowledgeable.

Tailored the treatment for the results I wanted."

Sophie G.

"Perfect experience for a first time lip filler appointment! Ross was kind and reassuring as he spoke me through the whole process whilst ensuring I was comfortable.

Definitely recommend as he listened to all of my concerns and I am very happy with the results!"

Emily J.



Skin rejuvenating & wrinkle reduction therapies

Manual introduction of nutrients that hydrate, soften and protect your skin, where topical creams and ointments can often sit, but get washed off without penetrating very well.

Body performance enhancements, including the immune, nervous and integumentary system.

Vitamin complexes can be introduced to the body by intra-muscular injection, including B-complex, vitamin C + D, or various other safe, natural boosting compounds.

Contouring & facial augmentation

Cheek and jawline shape can be altered carefully and subtly by various methods, to retain natural-looking, yet greater or softer definition.

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