PRP - Platelet-rich plasma

Platelet-rish plasma is a component of the blood with is separated by a centrifuge, which is safe to reintroduce to the skin as it comes from your own body.

Platelets can initiate a cellular response to produce healing, due to the release of growth factors in the treated area. Treatment can attract stem cells that stimulate cell growth, tissue remodelling and new collagen deposits. The aim is to slow the ageing process, improve skin tone and texture, as well as to gradually reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars as skin thickness and vitality is increased.

Since PRP treatment aims to stimulate biological effects, results should not be expected immediately, but are generally visible at 3 weeks, sometimes earlier, with continuous, gradual improvement over 6-12 months. However, results are dependent on skin condition, the extent of scarring and wrinkles, and lifestyle factors such as alcohol consumption and smoking.